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Top Ten Most Popular Casino Resorts In Africa

With its favourable legislation and mysteriously attractive charm, Africa is becoming the gaming oasis of today. About 30 African Countries are in possession of casinos and gaming machines. Attracting players from all around the world, many online gambling websites offer detailed information and guidelines regarding gambling in Africa, Gambling Africa among...

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Letter To David Axelrod: You And Buhari – By Chika Onyeani

Look at what you have achieved. APC swept the elections in Nigeria; your “Change” slogan had Nigerians vote overwhelmingly for a former tyrant and dictator who imposed draconian laws ...But did you notice anything anomalous in the delegation that you just welcomed to Washington, DC?

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Nigeria’s Exodus Animates Sports in the United States.

“We believe in hard work,” Aborowa said of herself and other Nigerians. “It’s in the blood, to go hard every time, to go for what you want.” “People can take your wealth, your property, but they cannot take away your knowledge or that diploma,” Romanus Amukamara said.

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