African Film Making In Diaspora As Tool For African Unity & Progress – By Dr. Sylvester Okere

African Film Making In Diaspora As Tool For African Unity & Progress - being a lecture by Dr. Sylvester Okere at the official inauguration of the Nollywood Producwers Guild USA on October 15, 2016 in New York.

In order for the Ethnic African community in the United States to become relevant, be properly respected, be acknowledged, be fully integrated into the American political fabric and have public prosperity and progress….we must first be Organized. Remember "Don't Agonize Organize"_ by Florynce Kennedy.

The time has come for a stronger SOLIDARITY in our own community. As the President & CEO of United People for African Congress (UPAC), I am excited at the prospect of engaging the diverse unique African community to Organize Stand Up And Be Heard so that America will appreciate the untold contributions of African immigrants and equate best practices in terms of service delivery and representations.

In order to "Be Heard", we need unity, mutual respect, and participatory politics of Ethnic Africans across the United States.

I am honored here this day to speak to my fellow Africans in Nollywood industry, which is the second largest producer of films in the world. It is time for us to come together, to raise the bar, and use our God given talents to fully participate in the political landscape of the United States of America. We have the people, talents, skills, and experience to draw the line in the sand and change our stories in the United States of America.

The time is now! We can't wait for no one. We have stayed long enough to start doing it ourselves. We have overgrown being baby seated. We have delayed Africa's development by waiting for some other to do it for us. One Chinese proverb says: "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now"

We are moving forward not backward. And together we can build bridges and lives and make tomorrow a viable future for Africans in the Diaspora in the United States and Africa.

We are all aware of the effects of centuries of colonialism and neo-colonialism in Africa, which have left lifetime deep and wounded scars of discrimination, marginalization, and oppression. We can use what is left and available today to make Africa again the most prosperous continent ever. I believe together we can change the narrative in Africa and that's why I believe that "Together with Nollwood_we can redeem the times wasted and restore hopes."

UPAC may not be able to undo all fractures and differences in the African communities at once, but we can emulate the leadership of President Barack Obama. He has breathed substance into our existences, issues, concerns, frustrations, and indignations in every continent. The President also said that, “Africa’s future is up to Africans.” What are we waiting for now?

This message is for all of us Ethnic Africans and the Diaspora, especially wealthy Africans. To my wealthy Africans, invest in Africa, use Africans’ human capital to prosper Africa. One of my favorite quotes is from Secretary Hillary Clinton, "Talent is universal but opportunity is not."

This time of translation signifies our time of recovery in every continent, starting in the United States of America. UPAC believes that, “If the Diaspora can get better…Africa will be great.”

Through solidarity we can “Organize Stand Up and Be Heard” to overcome our fractured Africa and differences. We have 23 days to  a most crucial presidential election in history, and it's extremely important more than ever  that we, our families, friends, co workers and business associates make our vote to count and our voice be heard. Your vote, my vote, our vote have historic consequences.

“The ignorance of one voter in a democracy will impaired (undermines) the security and wellbeing of our community.” If you don't vote you have no right to complain. Choose candidates who respect our interest our cherished values.

NPG Speech By Dr. Sylvester Okere, October 15, 2016.


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