While The Southeast and West Are Busy Shouting for Biafra and Oduduwa Republics The North Prepares For The Future

In August 2017, (then) Acting President Professor Yemi Osinbajo commissioned the 120,000MT per annum WACOT Limited Rice Mill in Argungu, Kebbi State, Nigeria. In September 2017 News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that "Africa’s biggest hatchery and feed mill" constructed by Olam Grains Nigeria was inaugurated in Kaduna (flagged-off on April 10, 2016 at Chikpiri Gabas village by Governor Nasiru El-Rufa’i). While many have hailed these as steps in the right direction towards Nigeria's self sufficiency in food, others see a different development. Subsequently, many have cited these among other examples that while the north is re-positioning itself for a better future, the southeast and southwest are busy being distracted by agitations for republics that may or never come.

But is that really how we should look at it? Recorded reports have shown that these types of projects are not rare in Nigeria. In fact certain similar projects have been launched in the southeast and southwest of Nigeria, although it is arguable that there may have been more happening in the north these days than in the south. Regardless, such huge projects have not been the exclusivity of the present administration. The president Goodluck Jonathan administration did set up quite a good number of such projects as well. For example, republicreporters stated in a 2014 report titled - "President Jonathan Turns Waterlands Of Nassarawa, Kebbi , Lokoja Into Rice Pyramid," that "Jonathan’s administration policies have led to a huge reduction of our food imports from a total of N1.4 trillion (about $7 billion) in 2009 to N717 billion (about $4.35 billion) as at December 2013, a decline of $2.65 billion (N429bn) is a pointer to the fact that given the opportunity Nigerians have the ability and the capacity to feed the Nation.”   Also, the report further stated: The 186km Abuja – Kaduna high-speed rail line has reached 85% completion and will be commissioned before the end of 2014."

Then President Jonathan stands by pyramids of rice produced in Nigeria in 2014.



President Jonathan is from the South, but such achievements of his administration rightfully earned praise for Nigeria as could be seen in the following statement by TheNigerianVoice: "Four years into the Presidency of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, it is no longer news that Nigeria is now Africa’s largest economy after a GDP re-basing that recalculated and re-calibrated the constituent parts of our economy and showed that Nigeria’s 2013 nominal GDP was $510 billion, 80% higher than previously reported. This makes Nigeria the 26th largest economy in the world, surpassing not just South Africa (with a GDP of $356 billion as of 2013) but also Austria, Venezuela, Columbia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore."

Our question is: Wouldn't it do Nigeria more good if Nigerians begin to see and evaluate Nigerian achievements from the viewpoint that appreciates and acknowledges such achievements as simply Nigerian achievements rather than seeing them from the critical prism of political, tribal, or religious perspectives?

Read below, the piece making the rounds on Social media and let us discuss. What is your take?

While the Southeast and West Are Busy Shouting for Biafra and Oduduwa Republics The North Prepares For The Future - By Ademola Adelaja:

While you're busy bursting grammar for Oduduwa Republic and agitating for Biafra see what's happening in the north:

#10 billion Africa largest rice mill opened few weeks ago in Kebbi.
#30 billion Africa largest feeds mill opened today in Kaduna
Dangote 250,000 metric tons rice mill set to take off in Kano .
Biggest poultry farm opened in Olam Kaduna state

The Northerners are busy Positioning intelligently for an economy without crude oil, "After na them go even beg una to restructure Nigeria if una want. By then Oil go soon reign pass...." The World is busy inventing technology that can do without oil.......obviously oil is daily depreciating in International market....

Instead of Southern leaders to rise up and start building their region economy, they're busy shouting Biafra this, marginalization that......

Lesson for southern leaders.

Self sufficiency guaranties future security both in food, raw material, unemployment and ultimately protects the economical growth of your nation. For sure, OIL IS GOING, GOING, ........... BRACE FOR A (BACK-UP-PLAN). FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!!

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