Where is the Place of Africa In A New World Order? By Michael Adeniyi

Where is the Place of Africa In A New World Order - By Michael Adeniyi

Donald Trump's victory has been given various interpretations. Some people have cited passages in the Bible to justify his victory: Trump has come to save the Christians.  I am not God; and God has not spoken to me on why Trump won, though he did not win the majority vote.  I'm not in a position to dispute anyone's interpretation.  As an African, I have to look at Trump's victory in the context of where is the place of Africa in the new World Order.  There is an undercurrent of white supremacy movement sweeping the world.  We saw it in Brexit.  Now it has revealed itself in America.  All the people at Trump's campaigns were lily-white people.  When a non-white person attended, he was booed and pushed out.  He received majority of white male vote; and white women voted for him en masse.  

As some if not all of us know, when the white man (and later missionaries) first came in contact with non-white people in what later became Africa, they called them savages.  Those were our forebears.  White people still hold that opinion of Africans and African descendants.  White people believe they are superior to us.  I saw a video where a white German Aryan man said: "White people are not human. They are from another planet; and came to rule people on Earth."  How much more can a white person express his disdain for Africans and other people of this world?

What bothers me is that African leaders are so obsessed with looting their countries, and not doing anything to elevate their people.  African leaders, African Union, and African people at large must wake up to the impending new World Order.  There is a new wave of imperialism gathering steam. Africans, be prepared lest we are colonized second time around.

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