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AfricanEvents.com is an online magazine dedicated to the presentation and promotion of African theater, plays, culture, talents, fashion, pictures, and traditions around the globe. We cover all cultural events and provide such events with online promotion and publication. Published by African Events Inc, a corporation for African writers, artists, entertainers and producers committed to the common purpose of uplifting of African image and culture through the promoting and sharing of positive African events, news, activities, and developments using uplifting and imaginative pictures, videos, stories, articles, poems, essays, speeches and more.


To update the world with information, video, and pictures of African current events, news, arts, entertainment and culture.

 OUR PRIVACY POLICY (and Your Protection):

In the course of participating with us or our affiliate websites (which includes the following websites – www.NollywoodMovies.com, www.AfricanTheaterUSA.com, www.PoemsofSoul.com, www.Expressionsofsoul.com, www.SlaveWarrior.com www.SpadeMovie.com and www.OliverMbamara.com), whether as a writer, reader, contributor, client, or otherwise, we may request or may have requested for your private or personal data such as name, address, or personal information in order to complete your participation in our websites. The said data are for our files only and are treated as confidential and private.

Under our privacy policy, we will not disclose such data to other organizations or individuals unless as required by law.

 These Group of Websites are committed to a sane, safe, neat and decent web and Internet environment, and will to that extent endeavor to safeguard our participants’ privacy. We will not distribute customer data and information including mailing addresses or e-mails for surveys, mailing lists, or such other purpose.  All data submitted to us will be used only for the purposes for which they were submitted or offered.


We can be reached during business hours (Mon through Friday) 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, AT: (TEL): (718) 617 6077 or write us at P.O.Box 6150, Bronx, New York10451, USA

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