Book The AKUNESI Masquerade Presented by Mbano Community Inc For Your African Event

Amongst the Ibos of southeastern Nigeria, one of the most common expressions of cultural artistry is through performance and celebration of masquerades. Understandably, there are many legendary masquerade's across Iboland. Undoubtedly the Akunesi masquerade belongs in that class.

The AKUNESI masquerade originates from Oru in Imo State, Nigeria. A long way from the USA. The masquerade is performed by performers enlisted after undergoing some lessons in Ibo "Mmanwu" (masquerade) training. The Akunesi masquerade is tall and requires high ceiling venues for comfortable performance.

Contact Information To Book The Masquerade:

To book, rent, or engage the performance of the masquerade, please contact Mr. Richard Ukwuozo at: 347-229-6615 or contact us

Note: All requests for engagements must be placed with enough time to allow the performers about a week's notice prior to the performance.

Akunesi masquerade performing

Akunesi masquerade performing



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