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City of Newark African American Heritage Parade 2017 in Newark, New Jersey

City of Newark holds African American Heritage Parade 2017 in Newark, New Jersey

The City of Newark held its African American Heritage Parade on Sunday, May 28th. The event was attended by an array of African traditional personalities, cultural groups, government officials, professionals, and  citizens from several cultural and ethnic background. It...

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Igbo Cultural and Support Network (ICSN) Iriji – New Yam Festival in UK

United Kingdom: The Igbo Cultural and Support Network (ICSN) recently held its annual IRI-JI festival at the Oasis Banqueting Hall, Thames Road, United Kingdom. The event was a wonderful celebration of one of the most beautiful aspects of Nigerian Igbo Heritage and Culture. In addition to special guests, games, prizes and the latest...

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African Events Artist Profile: Perfecta Ekpo

African Events Artist Profile:

Perfecta Ekpo is one of the most hardworking artists around. Born in Ikot-Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State Perfecta took up dancing, acting, and singing while she was growing up. She studied Theatre Arts at University of Calabar and later joined the National Troupe of Nigeria before moving to the...

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Mbaise Association Annual New Yam Festival 2015 in USA

Queens, New York: Recently, the Mbaise Community in the New York Area recently held its Annual New Yam Festival (aka – “Iri ji”) 2015 at the Obi Igbo Cultural center in Queens New York. It was a night of cultural display and entertainment. Our staff was there to bring you exclusive photo shots.

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Memorial Tribute To Late African Artists in New York

Recently, veteran musician and producer Emperor Adichie and friends came together to pay a memorial tribute to late African artists who once lived in New York and its surrounding states in America. Some of the musicians honored were Oluko Imo (Trinidad), Sam Taki Ofori (Ghana), Friday Pozo (Nigeria), Dr Martino Atangana (Cameroon), Chief...

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Tidbits about Nigeria’s history, wildlife, people, and places

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Book The AKUNESI Masquerade Presented by Mbano Community Inc For Your African Event

Amongst the Ibos of southeastern Nigeria, one of the most common expressions of cultural artistry is through performance and celebration of masquerades. Understandably, there are many legendary masquerade's across Iboland. Undoubtedly the Akunesi masquerade belongs in that class.

The AKUNESI masquerade originates from Oru in Imo State, Nigeria. A long way from...

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Salif Keïta

PROFILE: Salif Keita is an Afro-pop singer, songwriter

Salif Keïta, (the long-time ambassador of Malian music) born August 25, 1949 is an afro-pop singer-songwriter from Mali. He is unique not only because of his reputation as the "Golden Voice of Africa" but because he has albinism and is a direct descendant of...

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Oliver Oscar Mbamara

PROFILE: Oliver Oscar Mbamara, is an attorney, filmmaker, actor, writer, & poet.

Background and Legal Career: Oliver Oscar Mbamara started writing and acting while pursuing a legal career in Nigeria before moving to the United States where he was also admitted to the bar. He subsequently became an Admin Judge for the...

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2000 Year Old Mummy Still Has Natural Hair Intact

an archaeological and her colleagues studied hair samples taken from 18 mummies. The oldest is around 3,500 years old, but most were excavated from a cemetery in the Dakhleh Oasis in the Western Desert, and date from Greco-Roman times, around 2,300 years ago.

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FORGOTTEN? The Africans who fought in World War Two

...anniversary of World War II is being commemorated around the world, but the contribution of one group of soldiers is almost universally ignored. How many now recall the role of more than one million African troops? Yet they fought in the deserts of North Africa, the jungles of Burma and over the skies of Germany....MORE

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Caribbean Nations Seek Slavery Reparations, Citing Lasting Harm.

“Our constant search and struggle for development resources is linked directly to the historical inability of our nations to accumulate wealth from the efforts of our peoples during slavery and colonialism,” said Baldwin Spencer, prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda, in July this year. Reparations, he said, must be directed toward repairing the damage inflicted by slavery and racism....MORE

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Fatherland – an independence anniversary poem by Oliver O. Mbamara

Though in hardship we may suffer, We assure tomorrow with steadfast faith, As a breed of people never subdued. Though a few of us may act unfairly And tarnish the name of our dear country, The most of us are true good people, With honor and hard work so abounding, Revered by those who truly know us.   And yes we are called the...
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