Nollywood Producers Guild, USA Announce Inauguration Speakers For Oct 15 in New York

Secretariat, Nollywood Producers Guild, USA,
September 23, 2016

The Nollywood Producers Guild, USA has announced the Speakers for Its Inauguration Conference/Lecture Session scheduled for Saturday October 15, 2016. The session which will be hosted by former Miss Nigeria and Nollywood Veteran A-List actress Regina Askia Williams will feature a number of high profile speakers including the following among others:

Prof Jon Haynes

Prof. Jonathan Haynes

PROFESSOR JONATHAN HAYNES (Ph.D), is Professor, English Department, Long Island University, Brooklyn, New York. He was the founding director of the West African Center of the Friends World Program (now LIU Global) in Kumasi, Ghana. Taught at the American University in Cairo (Egypt), Tufts University, Albion College, Bennington College, and Columbia University, and spent three years in Nigeria as a Fulbright Lecturer at the University of Nigeria-Nsukka, Ahmadu Bello University, and the University of Ibadan.  Guest professor at the University of Cologne in Germany. Specializes in African studies; African film, video, and literature; colonialism and post colonialism; English Renaissance literature. He has several publications including; "Nollywood: The Creation of Nigerian Film Genres. U of Chicago P, 2016," and "Nigerian Video Films. Ed. Jonathan Haynes. Athens: Ohio UP, 2000."

Dr. Sylvester Okere

Dr. Sylvester Okere

DR. SYLVESTER OKERE serves as President/CEO of both the African Entrepreneurs Coalition and United People for African Congress (UPAC), an umbrella organization that advocates for the rights of African nationals, empowers them and increases public acknowledgement and respect. He is also the chairman of Maryland Nigeria Sister State Executive Committee. Board Director for the Maryland Nigeria Sister State Program, Inc. Fittingly appointed first immigrant to fill Africa’s seat on the National Democratic Party (as DNC’s African Diaspora-Liaison/Black Caucus). Dr. Okere is a Visiting Scholar with George Mason University (faculty) in Fairfax,  Virginia interested in researching the African Diaspora’s involvement in the American political system. Okere proudly holds dual citizenship with US and Nigeria.

Uche Jombo-RodriguezUCHE JOMBO-RODRIGUEZ popular Nollywood Producer and the     President/CEO of UJ Studios. She is also a  screenwriter and actress who has over 60 Movies to her credit. Some of her movies include The Celebrity, Games Men Play, Girls in the Hood & A Time to Love, Nollywood Hustlers, Holding Hope and Damage which takes on the issue of domestic violence. She is an ambassador for Globacom.

Prof Michael Laramee

Prof. Michael Laramee

PROFESSOR MICHAEL LARAMEE (Ph.D), is Assistant Professor of Communication, Lasell University. A film and media studies specialist, originally from Milford, he got his B.A Comparative Literature from University of Massachusetts. After a short period of time working on independent films in Boston, Laramee returned to graduate school in Miami where he studied African film industries. Laramee traveled to Nigeria to study the film industry there doing field work, while completing his dissertation on the subject. He has published articles on African cinema and documentary films and his primary research interests include film history, post-colonial studies, media studies/theory, and African film and video. He completed his dissertation on Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry, titled “Digital Zoom on the Video Boom: Close Readings of Nigerian Films” (2013), and has recently published the content as a book.

Mr Kanti Pandya

Mr. Kanti Pandya

MR. KANTI PANDYA was born in Nairobi Kenya. Earned a degree in Commercial Art & Advertising. He has a career in the U.S. Government (Department of State and US Navy) for over four decades. Currently serves as the Director of Business Development at MILSPRAY Military Technologies® Headquartered in Lakewood New Jersey. Started a theatre stage-acting career at the National Theatre in Nairobi. He has performed in several Bollywood style musical and stage events and actually trained the Liberian Police Band. Mr. Pandya’s acting career is highlighted in the Independent Hollywood movie “When Harry Tries To Marry” directed and produced by Mr. Nayan Padrai. Mr. Pandya resides in Jackson New Jersey with his wife Anju Pandya; and they have two grown children successful in their life ambitions, and one grandson.

Prof. Yusuf M Juwayeyi

Prof. Yusuf M Juwayeyi

PROFESSOR YUSUF JUWAYEYI (Ph.D), is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Long Island University, Brooklyn. Born and raised in Malawi, Africa, he received a Bachelor of Social Science degree in History and Sociology from Chancellor College, University of Malawi in 1973 and Ph.D in 1981 at the University of California, Berkeley. He returned to work in the Department of Antiquities of the Malawi Government, rising to Director of Antiquities in 1989, and Commissioner for Culture in 1992. In 2000, he was appointed Malawi’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York, and Sector Contact Point for Culture, Information and Sports of the Southern African Development Community. He was the Africa President and World Vice President of UNESCO’s World Decade for Cultural Development (1994-97). Prof. Juwayeyi specializes in Later Stone Age and Iron Age archaeology; African Cultures and Civilizations, and traditional economies and has several publications to his credit.

For  how to obtain invitation for this event or if interested in Sponsorship of the event, or for any other details please contact the President, Oliver O. Mbamara at 718 617 6077; the Vice President, Bethesl Agomuoh at 917-405-0678; or the PRO, Chisom Oz-Lee at 646-824-7269.

For more on the Nollywood Producers Guild, USA please visit Nollywood Producers Guild

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