Mbano Indigenous Cultural Convention USA 2013

Queens, New York:  The Mbano National Assembly recently held its Indigenous Cultural Convention in New York. The event witnessed a massive turnout of Mbano Indigenes across the United States. It was an evening of camaraderie and fun-filled entertainment. Our staff was there to bring you the coverage with exclusive shots as usual.

HOW IT HAPPENED:   Following a general preliminary meeting held during the day, Mbano indigenes were on time to commence the cultural night activities. The event started with the normal presentation of kola-nuts, opening prayers, and welcome address by the President of the New York State chapter of the organization, Eng. Emund Iwuagwu. Dignitaries were recognized, food and drinks were served. There were cultural performances by the Mbano New York organization women’s dance group as well as by the masquerade group with an introduction of the revered “Oku Ishi na ala” masquerade packaged all the way from Southeastern Nigeria in all its pomp and pageantry. The Miis Mbano and Mr Mbano pageant competition were held with the results slated to be announced at the National Convention open to the public the next day. The Youth of Mbano also presented their vision for the future and it was well applauded by the adults. In all, it was a successful day of cultural interaction and renaissance. See Coverage Pictures Below



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