BOOK REVIEW: Design Your Destiny: Actualizing Your Birthright To Success By Henry Ukazu

BOOK REVIEW: Design Your Destiny: Actualizing Your Birthright To Success By Henry Ukazu

Design Your Destiny is a powerful inspirational and self-help book that reveals the true authentic purpose, and the unique potentials inherent in each of us. Largely predicated on the premise that we are all destined for success if only we will play by the rules of success, the book’s central theme is the need for one to continually look inwards to discover oneself, and thereby set out on the path of self-discovery.

Composed of ten chapters set out in a sequence that provides for an easy and comprehensible flow of information and thought, the first two chapters set the tone of the book by focusing on our uniqueness, both in creation and in our need for an understanding of that uniqueness. Chapters Three and Four assist the reader in coming, both into a clear understanding of the immense power of choice at his disposal, and his limitless capacity to convert his inevitable failures to his own advantage by making the very concept of failure a friend. The next two chapters elucidate, both on the immense potential that lies dormant within us like a slumbering giant, and our primary obligation of discovering and fully expressing the creative originality that lies within us.

Design Your Destiny By Henry UkazuChapter Seven teaches that time is one of the most valuable perishable commodities known to man. Without doubt, an inability to learn to deploy time to maximal advantage can very quickly lead to avoidable failure.

It is rightly said that gratitude will always be the true test of one’s appreciation of the gifts of the universe, and this book spares chapter Eight to highlight this fact in totally enlightening detail.

It is now widely acknowledged that, to develop sufficient insight and understanding to become sufficiently equipped to handle the challenges of life, one requires to truly get in tune with a higher part of one’s being, and the easiest way to achieve this is through the adoption of appropriate spiritual practices. Chapter Nine teaches the reader how to meditate effectively to achieve a higher state of consciousness.

The book comes to a salutary conclusion with a brilliant chapter on the need for effective networking in a world in constant flux.

All in all, this book should prove to be an invaluable resource to anyone seeking genuine guidance along the path of authentih

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