ANNOUNCEMENT – Independence Parade: Arusi Obi calls out Nigerians in USA

The next Nigeria Independence Day Parade Meeting is on Sat. Sept. 12th at the Nigeria House...on 44nd street and 2nd Ave

Again, it is free, self sponsored by individuals like you and I (not government sponsored). And its not only for one group of people or one religious group. It is wide open for all Nigerians and our friends... The only fees you have to pay as your contribution is to attend for free, free, (na freeoooo) and your own opinion, suggestion and participation. Don't stay home and exaggerate that one group of people are controlling the parade or dominating our parade or that money falls into the parade bags from United Nations. So the ultimate challenge is for you as a Nigerian to come to the next meeting at our own Nigerian Consulate House (see address below). Bring your own opinions, suggestions and challenges to the meeting so that we can discuss them as brothers and sisters.

Again, the youths are very much involved. The Youths have their own arrangements to operate on... The (Parade) youths needs their fellow youths to work with and to meet each other (Hey, we want them, the younger generation to meet each other for future marriage, period), so lets encourage our youths to meet during our meetings, from middle-schoolers, high school students, college level students, and graduate students including masters and Phd students, they are all youths. It is a very shameful thing that our people don't participate during the meeting and you will turn around and complain. Why should we be complaining about our younger generation marrying to non-Nigerians when we have strong avenues and channels for them to meet each other during our well structured and peaceful meetings. Let us do our home work as parents by bringing our youths together.

Arusi-Obi (Core member - Nigeria Independence Day Parade Committee)

XXXXXXX - Below is the Notice of the next meeting - XXXXXXXXXXX

Subject: Notice of meeting
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2014 18:40:34 -0400

Dear Members:

This is to remind you that the meeting of the Nigeria Independence Day Parade Committee, Inc., will take place on Saturday, September 13, 2014 at the Nigeria House located at 828 2nd Avenue, New York, New York. The meeting will start 4:30 pmWe like to thank Rev Timothy Adelani and the Christ Apostolic Church Manhattan for hosting our last meeting.

We are happy to inform you that the issue that came up regarding the location for this year's parade has been resolved. Details will be provided at the meeting. We are now asking all members to devout their efforts on getting Nigerians out to the parade. We like to thank those members who assisted us to get the matter resolved.
As we informed you at the last meeting, we are having some difficulties in securing many floats this year due to other commitments by the company that supplies our floats. Therefore, if your organization, church or mosque would like a float at the parade route this year, you must make your reservation on or before Saturday, September 6, 2014.  Payments are due on September 13, 2014

The following organizations have made reservation for their floats:
-Christ Apostolic Church 1st in the Americas
-Absolute Faith in Jesus Christ International Church
-Organization for the Advancement of Nigerians
-Atide Group
-Umuada Ndi Igbo, NY
- Big Moose & Under Da Rock Entertainments
- BaMiJo Group
- Dr Omotosho (Femab)FUND RAISING
We are coming to you again to assist us to raise the necessary fund to fund this year's parade. We are still in deficit from last year parade. We are appealing to your organization, church, mosque as well as  individuals and corporations to assist us to fund this year's parade.We like to express our gratitude to Alhaji Ahmed Opetubo for his generous donation of $1,000.00 towards the parade. May God in his nfinite mercies continue to bless you.  We also like to thank Rev Kayode, Rev Timothy Adelani, Christ Apostolic Church Manhattan and the Ngwa Development Union (NDU) for their donations. May God bless you.If you like to sponsor any of items for the parade, please let us know. We will furnish you with the necessary information. You will be recognized at the parade and the parade booklet as the sponsor for that particular item.AWARD COMMITTEE
The most decorated float or group at this year parade will receive an award at the end of the parade.

The Award Committee will come up with the requirements and the prizes for the winners at the next meeting. The Award Committee Members are:

Solomon Bakare
Dr Afolabi Aiyedun
Alhaji Raheem Banire
Ms Bukki Adewunmi
Ms Oby Okpala
Ms. Otuodichima Nwankpa
Dr. Tunde Olusesi.

Nigerian Organizations Outreach Committee

We like to thank Obi Arusi of the Igbo Organization as well as Dr Olusesi of the Nigerian Social Workers Association (who is also the chair of the Nigerian Organizations Outreach Committee) for the work they are doing in spreading the news about the parade to Nigerian organizations. We are appealing to you to disseminate this notice of our meeting to other Nigerian organizations, churches and mosques and appeal to them to join us in the planning of this year Nigeria Independence Day Parade. And if any of them  like us to come to their churches, mosques or meeting of their organizations, please let us know by contacting Dr Olusesi, Chair of Nigerian Organizations Outreach Committee at 646-729-4791 or Obi Arusi Obi at 646-500-4892Kindly disseminate this information to other Nigerian organizations and appeal to them to join us in planning this year parade.May God bless you; may God bless Nigeria and may God make this year's parade bigger and better.
Schedule of our meetings:
Dates                                                         Hosts
July  19, 2014                                            Celestial Church of Christ
August 16, 2014                                        Christ Apostolic Church Manhattan
September 13, 2014                                 Nigeria Consulate (Picture Day)
                                                               Please note that you must be present for your
picture to appear on the parade booklet
October 4, 2014                                         Christ Apostolic Church 1st in the Americas
If your organization is not listed above and you like to host any of our meetings, please let us know. Likewise, if your organization is scheduled to host a meeting and the date is not convenient, please let us know as well



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