Africans Rally Against Modern Slavery in Libya

Africans Rally Against Shocking Revelation of Modern Slavery in Libya - Theme: Free Africans in Libya.

"Recently, horrible and dehumanizing images and videos have been circulating on social media and forums depicting the maltreatment of African youths said to be seeking to travel to Europe via Libya. We have not verified all these images and videos, but they are so inhumane and undeserving depictions of man's inhumanity to fellow man, and ought to be decried with immediate effect and urgency. Such pictures/video show bloodied young men and women tied or hung with ropes, stabbed and cut with knives, or flogged and whipped, and so on. Some seem dead already while many others appear abandoned, hopeless, and helpless in empty detention camps, and even in cages being offered for sale to willing buyers and racketeers.

These victims could be anyone's sister, brother, nephew, niece, aunt, son, daughter or such. We must not only speak up and say no to these acts but also take part in actions such as protests to bring more serious attention to these ills while hoping that these evil perpetrators meet their karma and face appropriate justice in due course."

New York, USA: Groups of concerned Africans gathered recently in front of the Lybia Embassy on 48 street in New York, United States to protest against the report of slavery in Libya. The event was attended by several concerned Africans, dignitaries, and leaders in the tri-State area around New York such as  Madiba Cisse the key organizer, Sidique Wai, Ramatu Ahmed Ssoko Ambroise , Olamide Davis Talabi, Imam Konate, Sheikh M. Drammeh, Isseu Diouf, Angel Yonke, Paule-Sylvie Yonke Fidelis Sop Anne Fotue Nghontamia Anne Marie Fotso, Nana Ama Fatima Acheampongmaa I Tchoutouo Florence Ibrahima Cisse, Ogaranya Alou, Choco Dembélé, Bertini Heumegni, Elliott Cadoo, Fatima Diallo Phatey, and many more. Pictures courtesy of Olamide Davis Talabi, Junior Mekinda, and Clarisse Blanche Fall.

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