African Children’s Day In Durango, Spain

Durango, Spain: Recently, a number of Africans in Spain organized a children's day event for some African children in Spain. The children's event took place in the RCCG City of Hope Parish Durango Spain as a church event under which the organizers who were mostly the children's coordinators and their Deaconess Vivian Ngozi Onyemara as well as Deaconess Ebere Chukwuezi among others including deaconess Kehinde & sister Juliet Ogie all came together to put their efforts into the planning that made the event a success.

The program which was organized under the title theme "We are the light of the world" gave some African children in Spain an opportunity to meet, greet, and know each other. It was also an opportunity for the children to show their pride in their motherland Africa even while living in the comforts of the Diaspora. Pictures by KC Henry



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