10th wedding anniversary and birthday celebrations in Sweden

Stockholm Sweden: Recently, Chief Charles Onuora (Ochiri-ozuo) and Lolo Ifeoma Onuoha celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary as well as the birthday festivities of their two sons. In attendance at the event were some friends, relatives and dignitaries from around the world such as Reverend Father Damion, Ugochukwu, Jacky, John Akoms of John Akoms ventures, Ife Mbams of Ifebyggare, Barrister George, Mr Toby, Obily 1, Phillip Onu, Kunte, Okey G.O.D. and many others.

HOW IT HAPPENED: Guest from various parts of Sweden and even beyond arrived in time for the greet and meet hour. After which guests took their seats and welcome address was delivered by the host. There were a few speeches by well wishers followed by the highlight of the night - the re-taking of vows and the re-presentation of the wedding ring by the celebrating couple. There was entertainment as food and drinks were served and music played till late into the night. The event was held in Stockholm, Sweden

Our Sweden Correspondent Ifebyggare was at the event and brought us some exclusive pictures below. We wish the Onuoras many happy years ahead.



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