Igbo Cultural and Support Network (ICSN) Iriji – New Yam Festival in UK

United Kingdom: The Igbo Cultural and Support Network (ICSN) recently held its annual IRI-JI festival at the Oasis Banqueting Hall, Thames Road, United Kingdom. The event was a wonderful celebration of one of the most beautiful aspects of Nigerian Igbo Heritage and Culture. In addition to special guests, games, prizes and the latest music in Highlife, Afrobeats, Hip Hop, Trap etc., the night featured other highlights such as: -Food variety - delicious traditiinal rice, yam, meat and fish dishes, Yam auctions, -Masquerades and cultural presentations that capture the essence of what is IRI-JI.
-A special performance from ICSN Dance Troupe Egwu Oganiru-Dancing until the early hours. Pictures courtesy of ICSN.

ABOUT ICSN: ICSN is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1998 by Umunne Olie as a forum to empower young Igbo people. With over 2,500 members, and still growing, ICSN is the UK’s largest networking organisation for young adults of Nigerian Igbo descent.

The Igbo people take naming very seriously and it is a major part of our culture. ICSN stands for the “Igbo Cultural and Support Network”.

Our tag Line is “Igwebike, Udo na Oganiru” which when translated into  means “Unity is Strength, Peace and Progression”.

We are passionate about our rich cultural heritage and are committed to enhancing cultural awareness amongst Ndi-Igbo and friends of Igbo land. ICSN provides the opportunity for young people to learn about their culture, build professional and social relationships and to support one another in every aspect of life.

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