Soursop Fruit Kills Cancer

In view of the controversy surrounding the report that Sour Sop can kill/cure cancer, we are providing three articles from different sources on the issue. #1.  Soursop Fruit kills cancer - As stated. #2. Is Sour Sop a Cancer Killer 10,000 times Stronger Than Chemotherapy? - A hoax-slayer article that debunks the claim to some extent, and #3.  Soursop Stories Still Creating Stir - US radio host visits cancer survivor - About living proof that soursop really kills/cures cancer.  WARNING: does not endorse any of these articles or stories nor does it in any way offer medical advice. Please consult your physician for advice if needed. These articles have been provided for readers to compare, contrast, and make their own conclusions at their own expense.

Soursop Fruit Kills Cancer

One must be wary in just believing all the news about new cancer cures being discovered or are marketed online or by health food stores. If one just accepts such claims, then the world will have less need for medical based treatments and patients would be lining up buying fruits, vegetables, teas and herbs from the farmer's market or alternative healing establishments rather than in oncologists' clinics and hospitals.

Soursop is a tropical fruit that's remained for several years and is popularly believed by those who've had firsthand experience with cancer either as a person battling the disease or a loved one caring for a patient.

Like so many other foods that are said to have cancer fighting properties such as different vegetables(crevettes royales), berries and teas, the health claims soursop makes sometimes sound too good to be true. What adds to the controversy is the lack of medical evidence that support such claims and data regarding what part of the tree has the best properties and how much of it to take.

Even before it was reported to fight cancer, soursop has been consumed in countries that cultivate it. It's a delicious tropical fruit eaten fresh or made into shakes, smoothies and other food and beverages. Though the irregular green shape with dull spikes looks rather strange to those unaccustomed to its appearance, opening the fruit yields a creamy white pulp with black seeds that is truly tropical in flavor and aroma.

As a cancer buster, it is said that the leaves and bark of wild soursop trees, preferably grown organically, contains the most healing properties. These are dried and made into a tea and then boiled to extract the medicinal compounds.

Contrary to belief, the soursop healing properties have been studied by medical research facilities for many decades. Promising results indicate that soursop has the natural ability to target and kill damaged cells. However, its effectiveness has yet to be determined thus it hasn't been marketed formally as a cancer cure.

Hopefully more funds will be poured into research and eventually yield an established protocol on the treatment of cancer through the use of the soursop so that aside from the conventional medical treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy, there can be a less invasive (and delicious) alternative. In the meantime, there is no harm in eating this fruit or drinking it as a tea together with medical treatments whose success rates have much to be improved.


Courtesy - CNN Ireport -   Posted April 17, 2013 



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