Senator-elect Ben Murray-Bruce Honored by Filmmakers in the United States of America

Beverly Hills, California: Last Saturday in Beverly Hills, California, Senator-elect and Silverbird Group Chairman, Ben Murray-Bruce was honored by the Nollywood Producers Guild of America with an Honorary Lifetime Membership of the Guild as a recognition of his support and contribution to the growth of the Nollywood film Industry and African Cinema as a whole. Mr. Murray-Bruce was in the United States for his son, Jared, who graduated with a B.A. in Communication from Loyola Marymount University.

The President of the Guild, Mr. Oliver Mbamara in a video message congratulated the Senator-elect for his immense support of the Nigerian Film Industry and urged him to continue in his stride. See VIDEO MESAGE by Guild President, Oliver O. Mbamara, Esq.

Mr. Pascal Atuma in presenting the award on behalf of the Guild said, “My Honorable boss, your senate seat is for the representation of two groups, the Bayelsa people that elected you and the entire Nollywood Film Industry. So please always carry this on your shoulder. You are now our supreme voice with a direct, God given connection to the new administration. We already know that you will represent us very well.”


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Further, one of the Guild members added, “I recently mentioned to the Honorable Senator about the problem of piracy with one of my movies and he said, ‘Come and see me when I am in office and I will see what I can do about this piracy problem.’ I cannot tell you how hopeful I am that we have someone in government who is willing to look into this matter. Thank you so much.”

The new Senator with his beautiful wife, Mrs. Evelyn by his side, thanked the guild members for the honour and promised to do everything possible, within reason, to make sure that Nollywood and Nigeria as a whole benefits from his involvement in government.  He went on to congratulate his son Jared by saying, “As you can see, my son Jared just made me a very proud father and I am very, very happy and proud of you son.”



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