Queenette Surprise Baby Shower Event in New York

Bronx, New York: Recently friends and family came together to hold a surprise baby shower event for Queenette Chichi Nnorom.The event was held at the Church of the Nativity in the Bronx.

HOW IT HAPPENED: Friends and relatives gathered in time and the venue was set up in anticipation of the arrival of Queenette.  Soft music played while the audience waited. Eventually, Queenette was led in and to her honest surprise, there were cheers and shouts of "surprise"  as she entered the room guided by her husband, Herbert Nnorom. As a token of celebration, the celebrant was ushered to the dance floor where guests, friends and relatives showed their support and well-wishes. Some sprayed some bills while others gave gifts of various kinds. Kolanut was presented and blessed by Chief Nnorom, while opening prayer was by Mrs. Obiechefu. Dinner was served, the cake was cut, pictures were taken and the celebrant was asked to dance again for the attendees before the dance-hall was declared open for all to shake to beats of the DJ. We wish her and the baby well. Pictures by African Events Below.




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