On False Leaders And Manipulators in High Places

On False Leaders And Manipulators in High Places

There comes a time when the perception dawns on the manipulators in high places that even a carefully engineered upheaval orchestrated for selfish political, sociological or religious gain could spiral out of control; and when that happens, there is no guarantee of safety or protection even to those manipulators who initially enjoyed the false comfort of authority, leadership, affluence, and seeming but false security.

It usually happens that the signals and warnings of such impending demise will always be there, tugging and pulling for recognition, but will always be ignored in the euphoria of the false comfort and pleasure temporarily afforded by the selfish machinations to stay in power, maintain affluence, or political advantage.

When that moment of reckoning begins to unfold, it dawns on the manipulator that his power, status, or affluence cannot stop or change the course of things for justice cannot be bribed, influenced or manipulated. The law of Life must take Its course. This is only my understanding.  - See Poetic Rendition Below

Dawn of The Manipulator's Demise

In the illusion of his perception
He enjoys the comfort of the moment
Coated in the false impressions
Of power, leadership, and authority

In the euphoria of his false comfort
He delights in the control of power
False protection of physical security
Fleeting illusions of fanciful affluence

Yet deep in his heart he mourns
Consequences of his machinations
Depraved outcome of evil schemes
Tugging and pulling at his conscience

Yet he pretends not to have noticed
Though deep within he truly knows
He pretends to be bold and fearless
Though along the way he's full of fears

Then comes the dawn of reckoning
When his manipulations meet demise
Illusions of comfort take their flight
No longer is his high place safe

He has come to the dawn of times
Though not too late to make amends
He must pay for the deeds he's done
The law of life must take Its course.

Oliver O. Mbamara© July 2014

ABOUT THE AUTHOR/POET: Oliver O. Mbamara is an Attorney, a published writer, poet, playwright, and an award-winning actor and filmmaker. For more on Oliver please visit www.OliverMbamara.com



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