Omo Weds Emmanuel in New Jersey, USA

New Jersey, USA: Recently, the families of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Igetei and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ijeh witnessed and celebrated the uniting of their children Omo and Emmanuel in Hazlet, New Jersey.

HOW IT HAPPENED: Having celebrated the traditional wedding earlier in the week, the wedding mass was then held at Holmdale New Jersey before the ceremonies moved to Hazlet, New Jersey for the reception program. Many many friends and relatives of the family were in attendance both from within and outside the United States including Nigeria. The reception commenced with the sitting of guests before the bridal train made their entrance to set up the majestic entrance of Emma and Omo. After opening prayers the bride and groom came on the floor for their first dance after which the bride sang a surprise song for the groom and they kissed to wrap that session. Tributes to the bride and groom were delivered and dinner was then served while the DJ entertained with soft and soulful music. After the audience settled down again, the cutting of the cake and wedding toast took place before the celebrants opened the floor for the merry crowd to party down into the night and early morning. We wish the celebrants a happy marriage. Photo Coverage below by African Events.



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