Oliver Oscar Mbamara

PROFILE: Oliver Oscar Mbamara, is an attorney, filmmaker, actor, writer, & poet.

Background and Legal Career: Oliver Oscar Mbamara started writing and acting while pursuing a legal career in Nigeria before moving to the United States where he was also admitted to the bar. He subsequently became an Admin Judge for the State of New York, a position in which he has served for over fifteen years. Mr. Mbamara is the former chairman, board of directors of the Nigerian Lawyers Association (USA) besides serving in other capacities over the years.

Writing & Artistic Career: Oliver continued his writing and artistic career in the USA and has published a number of books on Poetry and Africa-themed essays. Oliver's passion for the arts led him to become one of the pioneering Nollywood filmmakers in the USA, co-producing the ground breaking film THIS AMERICA based on his novel and chronicles of the conflicts and experiences of an African immigrant in America (2004). He played lead roles in shows like the off-Broadway show - PRISONER OF KALAKIRI and has since produced, directed, and also acted as the lead in several feature films such as SLAVE WARRIOR and the SPADE MOVIES SERIES. Oliver is also a graduate of the New York Film Academy where he studied Film-making. He is the current president of the Nollywood Producers Guild of USA, working towards finding a better playing field for African filmmakers in Diaspora in such areas as marketing, distribution, and combating piracy.

Oliver Oscar Mbamara, Esq., Admin Judge of New York State, FIlmmaker, Poet, Actor, and Publisher

Oliver Oscar Mbamara, Esq.

Publishing & More: Oliver is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning online magazine www.AfricanEvents.com and continues to steadily write and serve as a motivational speaker and commentator on socio-cultural issues mostly pertaining to African and Nigeria with various papers delivered at various forums and conferences up to the United Nations level. He is currently working on a number of books and film projects.

Recognition: For his works and contributions in the professional, humanitarian, social, and entertainment fields, Oliver has earned various recognitions the latest of which include: the 2014 Nigeria Centenary Achievement Award for Exemplary Commitment & Dedication to Nigeria; the 2013 Nigerian Sports & Cultural USA award for Contributions to the Nigerian Movie Industry; the 2012 GRIOTS Film Festival Recognition award for Dedication & Commitment to African Cinema; the 2012 Nations of Pan Africa Best Movie Director Award; the 2012 NAFCA Best Cinematography Award; the 2011 Nollywood USA award for Legendary Achievement; the 2011 Nigerian Promoters Association (USA) award for Best Movie Producer of the Year; the 2008 Afro Heritage Immigrant Award, among others. More about Oliver and his works can be found at www.OliverMbamara.com

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