Military “Operation Python Dance” in Abia, An Invasion and Act of Terrorism – Chuks Nwachukwu Esq. (Legal Practitioner)

Military "Operation Python Dance" in Abia, An Invasion and Act of Terrorism - Chuks Nwachukwu Esq, a Nigerian Legal Practitioner

In an interview with Channels Television, a renowned Nigerian legal practitioner faulted the Army’s "Operation Python Dance" targeting the Southeast as an Act of Terrorism. Below are transcripts from the interview. Video of the interview could also be viewed below:

What did the Military go to do around Kanu’s residence?
How come the Police wasn’t even aware of the Military activities?
The Military went there to confront a civilian without informing the Police.
The Military can only be deployed to safeguard the territories or to suppress an insurrection. They shouldn’t have been there.

You have the Police, you have DSS, they are to engage anyone who breaches the law. That is the job of the civil forces. The Army shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

Section 2 of the Nigerian Terrorism Prevention Act says - it is an act of terrorism to intimidate a population. When you deploy the Military against a civil and unarmed populace to show force. That is terrorism. The meaning of showing force is to psychologically traumatize the people with the presence of arms.

You deploy the Military where there has been total breakdown of Law and order – that is where the Police and the courts can no longer function. That was not the case. Operation Python Dance is in fact an invasion. Army does not have any constitutional right to show force to the civil populace.

Video courtesy of Channels TV Youtube

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