Mbaise Association Annual New Yam Festival 2015 in USA

Queens, New York: Recently, the Mbaise Community in the New York Area recently held its Annual New Yam Festival (aka – “Iri ji”) 2015 at the Obi Igbo Cultural center in Queens New York. It was a night of cultural display and entertainment. Our staff was there to bring you exclusive photo shots.

HOW IT HAPPENED:The event kicked off in earnest with the arrival of guests, friends, and relatives of the Mbaise people in the USA. After opening prayers and presentation of kola-nut, followed by opening speeches by the chairman of the occasion as well as by the President of the association, Bethels Agomuoh dinner was served.  The main event of the night – breaking of the new yam – was then carried out and members and guests then purchased new yams from the bulk tied up on the make-shift yam barn. There were various cultural presntations and dances before the event  MC, Chief Jude Ooroji then invited guests to the dance floor to dance away into the early hours of the next morning. Pictures by African Events Inc



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