Los Angeles Nollywood Film Association Award (LANFAA) 2014

Los Angeles Nollywood Film Association Award (LANFAA) Celebrates 2nd Edition in great style and gusto. - By Stanley Chinedu Acholonu (SMUTKUT MOVIES)

There is something to be said about being immensely talented and popular and not letting fame and success get into your head as LANFAA feted 21 influential personalities of outstanding ability and remarkable talents for their outstanding contributions and body of works, which have resonated with the public in a glamorous ceremony that cut across young artiste awards, TV/Movie Achievement, Humanitarian, Musical, Sponsorship Awards.  These 22 Champions aren't made in gyms. They excelled from something they have DEEP inside them; a DESIRE, a DREAM, a VISION. They have to have last minute STAMINA, COURAGE UNDER FIRE, they have to be a little faster, and they have to have the SKILL & the WILL. There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparations, hard work, and learning from failure. The Hosts of the event redefined what being cool, stylish and good presence of mind is all about.

The objectives of the Los Angeles Nollywood film Association Awards LANFAA is to recognize and promote the aspirations of NollywoodUSA film practitioners and to collaborate with Hollywood film makers. Its goals reflect professional quests, honor, glory, professional interests of NollywoodUSA film practitioners. Charity they say must begin at home (USA) The multi-media broadcasting of LANFA 2014 second epic edition was geared towards capturing the whole spectrum of glamour, style, elegance and class that epitomizes the thrills &glitz of movie show-business. See Photo Coverage Below:



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  1. Thanks African Events for your publication of LANFAA 2014 , we appreciate your great support for Nollywood USA Film industry.

    • Anytime. You are most welcome.

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