Is there a purpose to a diverse world?

A POETIC PIECE - Is there a purpose to a diverse world?

In a world filled with people of diverse cultures, races, tribes, origins and orientations, coupled with a background of different religions, languages, ideologies, practices, laws, regulations, education, politics, perceptions, conclusions, considerations, and circumstances, it would be preposterous to expect unanimity and total agreement in human co-existence and the handling of the affairs of life and living. The fact remains that man must always disagree with each other. However, the pertinent question remains, to what extent, at what cost, gain, or loss will man continue to confront and battle each other?

The answer to the above question is definitely not an easy one, and an attempt to answer it in full could result in a massive accumulation and provision of facts and theories, which would still not put the question to rest. This piece would not delve into such venture. Yet, from a minute perspective, this piece suggests that the ability of man to accommodate, respect, and understand the viewpoints and perspectives of others would definitely aid the fair co-existence of man with one another. It would find meaning in a diverse world.

Each individual, race, culture, society, nation, organization, or other entities differ from one another in consciousness. This makes each circumstance a peculiar one unique to the individual or entity involved. This diversity allows each entity or individual to operate at its own level. Each move and survive at a pace peculiar to it. The diversity of life therefore provides each differing consciousness with what it requires to subsist and advance with life. If only man would appreciate this.

This is not a proposition of world peace and tranquility for the physical world may never come to it. It is not in the nature of the physical world to be in an absolute state of bliss and tranquility. That is the prerogative of other levels of life and existence which some call  "heaven," or "paradise." However, man's ability to deal with life and to survive in the seeming crisis-state of the world is a fundamental prerequisite towards the re-obtaining of the state of bliss and tranquility of Soul.

Most of the conflicts in the world today are as a result of man's inability to accommodate his fellow. A willingness to pursue vengeance, power, and control instead of the prudent seeking of compromise and tolerance, with a heart willing to love, forgive, share, and co-exist. In man's quest for power lies his propagation of egotism, greed, and jealousy. The desire to conquer all others, triumph over their contest, and tower over their domain like a Colossus.

If one takes a moment to examine the recent crisis that continue to plague the world, one will find that most of such conflicts could have been avoided by the concession of ego to humility, of power to love, of vengeance to forgiveness, of prejudice to understanding, and so on. But these crisis-tendencies are human characteristics and cannot be entirely isolated from man's existence and survival on earth because these things make it earth. However, at the end of the day what counts is the answer to the question, what role did each individual play in the history of mankind, but more importantly, did the individual learn and grow from the experience?

The world is diverse and there are diverse schools of thought and concepts of life. So, while one ought to keep his guard up, he ought to be humble enough to know when to let it down and not to let his preconceived notions prevent him from learning from others regardless of external impressions. Knowledge could come from the lips of the suckling and the life of the mocked and the derided, just as it could come from the pulpit of the wise and the prudent. It is not the class, race, creed, gender, status, or impression of the source or the receiver that really matters, but the essence of that which is received. The concession of ignorance even as the great Socrates did, opens the gates of wisdom, understanding, renewal, and growth. This is only my understanding and I am still learning. See Poetic Rendition below.


Purpose to A Diverse World

Though we may differ in race or tribe,
And find ourselves at opposing ends
Pushed to battle and fight another
Beneath the difference questions rest

Shall we for how long confront another
To what extent and cost to concede?
These questions though hard to pose
In there answers true meanings find

Some concession of egotism give
Some humility over power reign,
Some forgiveness to vengeance let
And prejudice to understanding grant.

In the end few pressing questions count
What role indeed have we each played
In mankind's history of our times?
What purpose is there to a diverse world?

Diversity to each life give
The chance to subsist and also be
To survive at a consciousness
Unique to it to learn and grow.

Oliver O. Mbamara© July 2014


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Oliver O. Mbamara is an attorney & admin judge, an award-winning filmmaker, actor, poet, and a published writer. For more on Oliver Mbamara, visit


NOTE: The thoughts expressed here are personal and do not represent the thoughts of any other person, organization, or religion. However, the thoughts of the writer may have been influenced by his cultural background, understanding of life and the teachings of his religion.




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