Fatherland – an independence anniversary poem by Oliver O. Mbamara

Though in hardship we may suffer,

We assure tomorrow with steadfast faith,

As a breed of people never subdued.

Though a few of us may act unfairly

And tarnish the name of our dear country,

The most of us are true good people,

With honor and hard work so abounding,

Revered by those who truly know us.


And yes we are called the Nigerians

A people differed in tribe and tongue,

With war in the past and strife at present,

We hold strongly to our sovereign freedom,

In loving strength and faith united,

To uphold that honor and that glory,

Of a people diverse but so industrious,

Remembering the labor of our heroes past.


Amidst the troubles, we count our blessings,

A dear native land with nature's endowments,

Useful oil, cocoa, peanut, and manpower,

Moderate climate of rain and sunshine,

Kind to the production of diverse food.

With great vision and lofty heights attainable,

We can still make it if we honestly strive

For that nation where justice reign and peace endure.



Oliver O. Mbamara © 2003 (updated Oct. 1st 2013)

©POEMS OF FREEDOM  www.PoemsofSoul.com


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Oliver O. Mbamara is an attorney, poet, filmmaker, and actor.  For more on Oliver, please visit www.olivermbamara.com



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