Policy Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

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Date(s) - Nov 16, 2015 - Nov 27, 2015
9:00 am - 2:00 pm



The Policy planning, monitoring and evaluation training course by ATI is extremely important for professionals learning about the achievement or deviation from original concerns. 

Course Overview:

Evaluation is often carried out by external agencies or donor agencies or policy makers and helps in assessing whether the project has brought benefits to those for whom it was intended. 

An evaluator is expected to examine: 

• Whether it was right to have invested resources in the project in the context of competing needs; 
• Whether the underlying assumptions and design were right; 
• Whether progress was made towards planning changes, and if not, why; and 
• Unplanned changes that may have occurred. 

Monitoring ensures that all variables such as inputs are ready in time, works plans are followed closely, adjustments can be made and corrective action taken as and when necessary, people who need to know are kept informed, constraints and bottlenecks are found; and resources are used efficiently. This training course will address all these challenges in a holistic approach.
Policy monitoring involves local beneficiaries in measuring, recording, collecting, processing and communicating information to assist local development project extension workers and local group members in decision-making. The evaluation assists in adjusting and redefining objectives, reorganizing institutional arrangements or re-allocating resources as necessary. Monitoring and evaluation system (MES) allows continuous surveillance in order to assess the local development project’s impact on intended beneficiaries. 

Target Audience:

Development practitioners, project leaders and decision makers responsible for designing, implementing, monitoring or evaluating development projects. 

The course aims to equip practitioners, project partners and external evaluators with the knowledge and expertise required to conduct project planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting. This skill is critical to any organisation or government department involved in development projects and programs.

Category: Classes / Courses | Professional Training.

Artists / Speakers: Dr. Jonathan Mafukidze.

Website: http://atnd.it/34456-0


Training Fees: USD 3250.

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