CLASSIC SERIES: Nollywood Producers USA Award Night 2011 held in Maryland, USA

Classic Feature Event: Nollywood Producers USA Award Night held in Maryland, USA, 2011

Maryland, USA:  The Nollywood Producers USA Award Night organized by Ghawood Angel Productions led by Nana Ampem was recently held at the Hampton Place in Maryland USA to honor some African Filmmakers/Producers in the United States. A number of dignitaries including some diplomats such as the Ambassador of Ghana attended the event and participated in presenting some of the awards to recipients. Among the recipients were our own Oliver O. Mbamara, Bethels Agomuoh, and Felix Nnorom. Here below are some exclusive pictures from the event.

MORE ABOUT THE EVENT: The Nollywood Producers USA Award/Appreciation Night was organized by Ghawood Angel productions and to show appreciation for the producers who have been pioneering the way for African movies in the USA. Often the focus and accolade are heaped on the stars of the movies while the producers many of whom have to go through a lot to produce these films are rarely recognized or acknowledged.  Some of the producers that were appreciated at the award event include the team of Oliver O. Mbamara, Bethels Agomuoh, and Felix Nnorom who produced one of the first Nollywood (African) feature films in the USA titled THIS AMERICA. They have continued to produce other feature films since then but THIS AMERICA continues to be hailed as the movie that lay the foundation and encouraged the rise and making of African films in the United States and even beyond. Following are the names of other producers who received awards at the event. Moses Adedeji, Chisom Ozi-Lee, Roy Madu, Tony Abulu, Boyce Ugbo, Kwame Boadu, Akim Macauley, John Uche, Michael Nweseyi, Mohammed Conteh, Augustine Chima, Emmanuel Ijeh, Koby Maxwell, Gifty Adu-Darko, George Okere, Joy Orie, and Nana Ampem who helped put the event together. Amongst the announcers for the night were Taka Tanni and a couple of comedians who doubled as MCs. There were also dance entertainment among other fanfares of the evening. Pictures by African Events.

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