African Cinema And Nigeria’s Nollywood Get Attention of World’s Number 1 Black Film Festival

Los Angeles, California: It is a new day for the Nigerian Film Industry, popularly referred to as NOLLYWOOD and the entire African Film Industry as The Pan African Film Festival; the premium black film festival in the world finally agrees to host its festival in different African countries every year on rotational basis after its Los Angeles festival.

This wonderful initiative will be known as PAFF-AFRICAN SERIES, and the maiden edition will take place in Nigeria. The PAFF-AFRICAN series will provide a platform for young African filmmakers and new talents to interact with the best of Black filmmakers around the world, and also open room for co-productions between black people all over the world. In addition it will be a vehicle to showcase the works of the best of African filmmakers, actors, writers etc.
The President/Founder of Pan African Film Festival, Mr. Ayuko Babu said “It is a new day for African Cinema and we are delighted to take our brand to Africa. African Cinema is refreshing to world cinema because of the stories and talents that abound in Africa, with the Nigerian Film Industry and the South African Film industry leading the pack.
The African representatives include Miss Deborah Mangut and Filmmaker Pascal Atuma. The leader of the group Hon Richard Mofe-Damijo who joined the signing via conference said “ It is time to take African Cinema to a new level, the day is today and the time is now”.
One of the African Cinema representatives and coordinator of PAFF-AFRICAN SERIES- USA, Filmmaker Pascal Atuma during the signing emphasized “We need PAFF in Africa so the people can see, feel and touch the growth of the industry and also have a first class platform to showcase their talents and work to an International audience. We are very grateful to Mr. Ayuko Babu and the entire PAFF- Los Angeles for opening their doors and bringing this wonderful brand to Africa, it can’t get better than this, it is a beautiful day for the entire African Cinema.
Ms. Deborah Mangut, the coordinator PAFF-AFRICAN SERIE in Africa added “This platform will be a melting point for African and black filmmakers - It is a game changer for black creative talents/filmmakers from across the world.  
Dates for the maiden edition will be announced soon..

Pascal Debbie Ayuko Babu-CHEERS1

Toasting to the agreement

 Pascal And Debbie1

Atuma And Mangut

Pascal Debbie Ayuko Babu1




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