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(From the American Within)

O you America, home of the brave,
Guided on all corners, day and night,
By the Lord’s armor of immortal soldiers,
Gallant men of daring feat and chivalry,
In robes of light and stripes of white,
Crowned in stars and fed in spirit.
Though your foes your surface scratch,
They never shall touch your heart within.

O you America, land of the free,
Your Star Spangled Banner ever waves,
Cheerfully over the terrace of love,
Where all together strive to freely live,
In peace and harmony of brotherhood,
Saluting your symbol of freedom won,
The ever so standing ‘Old Glory’
Of a nation indivisible under God.

O you America, country of God,
In whom we trust, and have our being.
A land rescued by heaven’s hand,
Richly blessed with men and women,
Of color and races variously made,
With talents and wealth equally given.
Even though some may think you foe,
You America, will always be loved.

In your glory, forget not the balance of responsibility,
Even as you lead the march on freedom’s lane.


Oliver O. Mbamara – Poems of Freedom © Sept. 2002 (July 2014) All Rights Reserved


Poem - Identity - Image

IDENTITY (And History)

Great is our reward when we stand steadfast
To lose not our language nor fail our tongue
To ignore not our mores nor forget our tenets
But to be proud always of our kind and culture.

If one becomes deficient in ancestral content,
Emptied of tenets and history of his own nature,
Lost, astray, wandering, and oblivious of essence,
How would he know to wake and find himself?

If one becomes doubtful of his own nature,
Emptied of believe in his own self and culture
Abandons the heritage that shapes his character,
Can he a different legacy claim with comfort?

If one be not certain of his journey’s origin,
How then can one his destination tell or reach?
To what character or purpose would he suffice?
On what foundation would he build his value?

And if he be not able to answer as asked,
Who then is he?

Oliver O. Mbamara © 2014
©POEMS OF FREEDOM www.PoemsofSoul.com

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Oliver O. Mbamara is an attorney, poet, filmmaker, and actor. For more on Oliver, please visit www.olivermbamara.com

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